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Sleep like a baby

Not sure why, whenever I camp out under the stars (very rarely) I literally spend the night on the very edge of sleep ... mostly awake, waiting for sleep .. or, waiting for morning. This time it took until 4.40am as the light started breaking through (and the birds started singing) … to remind me that I actually could try my own meditation tricks to see if I could grab an hour or so before the kids woke excitedly from their peaceful slumbers (argh).

The technique I used was simply breathing in and out in my own time while silently repeating the word CALM on the breath in and again the word CALM on the breath out.

The next thing I remember was being briefly awoken by the kids rushing indoors to watch TV (we were camping in the garden) .. and then I fully awoke at 8am … albeit with a VERY stiff neck (must have been a deep sleep). All I wanted now was a "cuppa tea and a bacon butty" delivered to my makeshift bed, but alas my husband was in a very deep sleep in our super king with no signs of stirring for a long time!

Normally we’re not camping out, most of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the comfort of our own homes and boudoirs. This makes it even more frustrating when we can’t get off to sleep, or suffer from wakefulness during the night or early hours.

So, whether home, away, or somewhere in between, the trick is to REMEMBER that you can use various meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you.

If you continue to suffer, or need some support, why not register for my Online Sleep Retreat


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