No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul and

if the head and the body are to be healthy, you must begin by curing

the mind. For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of

the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.

Plato, 382BC

Gillian Ward BA Hons, AcuEnergetics® Practitioner 2014, Practitioner member of

AAAP , Mindfulness Meditation teacher accredited by British School of Meditation

2018.  A professional member of the Association for the Advancement of

AcuEnergetics® Practitioners and the British School of Meditation, I am fully insured

in the UK.

About me

Hello I’m Gillian, founder of Mindful Medicine based in Newbury and south-west London.

I spent years trying to figure out a good business name that encompassed everything I wanted to offer. Following my calling into teaching mindfulness meditation, Mindful Medicine, very quickly made sense! The next challenge was trying to articulate what my organisation would represent.

Although ill-health is often viewed as out of our control, it’s often beneficial to take some ownership (rather than control). By ownership I mean sourcing the right physicians for you - and then trusting them, being honest with yourself and letting yourself experience and express your own emotions without restriction, supporting yourself on the road to feeling better, letting loved ones support you, owning your own health (with help from others) to ensure you are getting the best possible care available.

A specialist practitioner in pain, stress and sleep, I treat many different complaints and illnesses through Australian modality AcuEnergetics® and British School of Meditation accredited Mindfulness Meditation. I deliver talks on Stress in the workplace and teach mindfulness meditation to individuals and organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. With a mix of face to face and online opportunities, my classes include a monthly Sunday Restorative Meditation (currently online), I have a bespoke 5 day Sleep Retreat (downloadable on demand) and provide workshops, tasters and retreats throughout the year.


Each of us has a unique set of circumstances and challenges to face and I'm driven to help find a solution where possible. AcuEnergetics® treatments are suitable for babies, children and adults alike. I teach Mindfulness Meditation to children, adults, small family groups, community groups and work teams.

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