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I teach mindfulness meditation to people with Parkinson's Disease, and their carers and partners. I'm privileged to be involved with both the Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Conference and Parkinson's Concierge, where I was recently invited to contribute to this 'Life after Lockdown' Q&A session.

Helping those living with Parkinson's and those with early onset Parkinson's is incredibly fulfilling. It has become apparent that many of the debilitating symptoms are also common symptoms of other illnesses and diseases.

Please contact me to find out how I can help you, your group or organisation by registering your interest using the button below.

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My background...

As a child of a calm and quiet disposition, I was fascinated by people and the world around me. I spent many a lesson watching the beautiful clouds move across the sky, yet I was fortunate to fly through school neither missing anything nor suffering from exam anxiety. I was first introduced to formal meditation practice during Yoga classes when I was 12 years old. I loved it! I remember thinking - although I may not have understood it fully- there’s something more involved in the qualities of stillness and silence – and it’s not so bad to stand back and observe after all. 

Graduating with a degree in International Business with languages, I then secured graduate entry to BT. I continued to work for many years in Europe and Australia in various global corporations and consultancies in communications and change. People, culture change and coaching were my passion.

Early in my career I suffered chronic pain, and upper body stiffness and immobility which was

diagnosed later as various repetitive strain injuries. Quite a few £££'s, years, clinics and

countries later, I discovered AcuEnergetics® while living and working in Australia.

A few simple treatments led to a massive improvement in health and fitness which

then drove me on to study to become a practitioner myself. This enabled

me to pursue my innate desire to work with people more specifically in

support of their health and wellbeing.

I qualified in Holland, as a fully accredited Practitioner from the School of AcuEnergetics® in 2014

having been a student practitioner for eight years. A treatment

method originally developed in Australia, it is now taught in

Australia, Asia, Europe and US.

Then, following years of client requests and as a regular guest

meditation teacher for mental wellbeing and self-esteem courses,

I launched my Rest Relax Recharge mindfulness meditation courses

in 2016. I then applied and studied for accreditation from the

British School of Meditation which was granted in 2018.

What do I do?

Although ill-health is often viewed as out of our control, it’s often beneficial to take some

ownership (rather than control). By ownership I mean sourcing the right physicians for you - and

then trusting them, being honest with yourself and letting yourself experience and express your

own emotions without restriction, supporting yourself on the road to feeling better, letting loved ones

support you, owning your own health (with help from others) to ensure you are getting the best

possible care available.

I now work with organisations, including Parkinson's UK and David Lloyd Leisure, to deliver mindfulness meditation classes; work with individuals on a 121 basis to target specific health and wellbeing issues and run classes, workshops

and courses in the community, workplace, in homes and online.

Sunday Restorative Meditation is fortnightly and particularly beneficial to help sleep, and manage stress for the week ahead.

A specialist practitioner in pain, stress and sleep, I treat many different complaints and illnesses through Australian modality AcuEnergetics® and British School of Meditation accredited mindfulness meditation. I deliver talks on 'stress in the workplace' and teach mindfulness meditation to individuals and organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. With a mix of face to face and online opportunities, my classes include Sunday Restorative Meditation (face to face and online), I have a bespoke 5 day Sleep Retreat (downloadable to keep) and provide workshops, tasters and retreats throughout the year.


Each of us has a unique set of circumstances and challenges to face and I'm driven to help find a solution where possible. AcuEnergetics® treatments are suitable for babies, children and adults alike. I teach mindfulness meditation to children, adults, small family groups, community groups and work teams.

I encourage you to continue working with your current health care providers, as these methods do not interfere with other therapies or medication. Your own bespoke treatment will be designed to support you through pain, stress and most health complaints. Together we strive to restore health and wellness to allow you the best opportunity to live the healthiest life possible for you.

Gillian Ward BA Hons

  • AcuEnergetics® Practitioner 2014

  • Practitioner member of AAAP

  • Professional member and Mindfulness Meditation teacher accredited by British School of Meditation 2018

  • Professional member of the Association for the Advancement of AcuEnergetics® Practitioners

  • Fully insured in the UK

  • Based in Newbury, West Berkshire, both face to face and ONLINE.

Hello, I'm Gillian, founder of Mindful Medicine

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Listen to my PODCAST on your preferred platform below about the power of  AcuEnergetics® and Mindfulness Meditation ... 




The Live Fit Now Podcast

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