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What my clients say...

Mindful Medicine helps clients and students with many different requirements, from addressing pre-operative anxiety, to teaching meditative techniques and mindfulness, to relieving acute sports injuries. Here they describe in their own words, the benefits of their treatments and teachings. Please note due to the nature of this work, I prefer to keep dates and names confidential. This is obviously not possible on individual reviews on social media, though feedback and testimonials are much appreciated via either media. 

Together, we strive to help you restore health to live the healthiest life possible.

Severe Pain following Accident

"I am 32 years old and had a bone-deep, lateral cut to my arm, caused by tripping and falling into the corner of an engineering brick wall. When I came round in hospital, the medics were planning to amputate my arm given the severity of the injury. I was told it could take up to 5 years to get any feeling back, if ever. I was determined to keep my limb and opted for surgery and a long rehabilitation with surgery, stitches and Physio. Over the following 12-18 months, I very gradually regained small movements and eventually full sensation and movement. However, despite the strongest painkillers, I was still experiencing deep and constant pain at the injury site and also in my shoulder, and my medical team had no further solutions. I was unable to work or operate normally and felt sick with pain. I was advised to see Gillian Ward,  AcuEnergetics® Practitioner from Mindful Medicine and within three sessions, the improvement was amazing. Even after the first treatment the pain in my arm decreased immediately.  I was extremely pleased with Gillian's expertise and knowledge which has allowed me to get my life back, return to my cycling and physical activities."

Acute Sports Injury-Knee

"Thank you so much for relieving me of the pain in my knee. It was so debilitating, especially not being able to drive! Amazing result and drug free!"

Immune System Boost

"Having spent the last twelve months feeling lethargic and never rested, I had two immune system treatments (AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances) with Gillian and I immediately noticed the difference – sleeping better and all round energy levels back. I really believe Gillian’s rebalancing treatment completely ‘balanced’ me and I feel back in control for the first time in over a year. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this treatment plan to anyone feeling the same way."

Pre-operative Anxiety

"I was going into hospital for a procedure which I was feeling quite anxious about, so I visited GilIian for an AcuEnergetics®  Wellness Balance.  Gillian made me feel completely at ease and the balance was very relaxing.  I arrived for the session feeling quite emotional and stressed and left feeling positive, calm and refreshed.  Furthermore, I felt extremely relaxed going into hospital and throughout the procedure.  Thank you Gillian for helping me, I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone in need of emotional strength."

Sports Injury - Ankle

"'I had my ankle ligaments torn whilst playing netball at the end of June. My whole foot was very swollen. Gillian treated my foot the week after the injury happened and it immediately felt a lot better. So much so that I went and overdid it (easily done with three children). I followed her advice, took it easier and had a couple more sessions. The swelling and pain reduced quickly and I felt confident and ready for our planned holiday in August and the new netball season in the Autumn!'"

Chronic Back Ache

"Gillian treated me for a recurring back problem. After days on painkillers and using hot water bottles, just one session brought huge relief.

I was able to move around pain-free and get on with my life! Gillian is amazing and I'd recommed her to anyone."


Hip and Knee Pain

"I came to AcuEnergetics® with severe sciatic pain that I had been suffering for many months. I was experiencing pain from my hip to ankle, continually, night and day. Painkillers gave me no relief. After two sessions of AcuEnergetics® the pain was gone and hasn't returned!"

"I’ve been suffering on and off for many years with knee and hip pain.  In September I went to my doctor as the pain had become excruciating. She recommended an osteopath and I had an x-ray on my hip. The result of the x-ray showed wear and tear. I have also been referred to a hip consultant - I’m still waiting for the appointment. I had several appointments with an osteopath and found that there was no improvement. I was beginning to despair and my gym manager suggested that I make an appointment to see Gillian. I’ve had about six treatments and the pain has practically gone. I’m back in the gym doing my exercise routine without any after effects. I would highly recommend AcuEnergetics®, the benefits to the quality of my life have been immeasurable."

Mindfulness Meditation

Here are some kind words about Gillian's Mindfulness Meditation sessions from her clients.

"It was very informative and gave me an option to have some 'downtime' and learn how to relax!"

"Loved the small group and your knowledge and content was really interesting."

"I would certainly recommend ‘Intro to Meditation’. The atmosphere in the group and the setting was delightful."

"I loved the meditation course – it was like stepping into a cool pool of water on a baking day. The areas I found the most effective were the exercises regarding dipping your toes in the water and the other about balancing negative emotion – that I would like to do more of...."

"A wonderful combination of total relaxation of both the body and the mind. Many strategies recommended to ensure complete relaxation that can also be used outside the sessions. Gillian's voice is so evocative of calm, that the cares of the moment dissipate. I heartily recommend this weekly "time out" to recharge the batteries and to reset, enabling one to feel at peace and at one with the world."

"I have been doing meditation with Gillian for several months now and have noticed a big positive difference in my mental wellbeing and a reduction in my anxiety levels. I am generally feeling much calmer and happier, living in the moment.

I have recently had an operation, using the techniques learnt. This was really helpful and my recovery was excellent.

Gillian is a fabulous teacher with a lovely calm, inspiring personality. I would thoroughly recommend meditation to everyone. It's given me a new perspective on life and new ways of dealing with and  looking at stressful situations.

Many thanks Gillian."

"Just what the doctor ordered! Total relaxation of mind and body to recharge the batteries! Live in the moment and forget what you cannot control. I am already sleeping more soundly! Thank you."

"I've been spoilt with your lovely voice! I have found the meditation and mindfulness very helpful during a particularly difficult time for our family. Thank you again."

"Great combination of interesting theory and practical meditation"

"How it draws one's attention and reminds one to control (step back from) the situation at hand and to overcome what is not important."

"I respond more than react, and this has made a huge difference - very few arguments now."

"The opportunity to take some quality time out at a particularly difficult time in my life. The venue felt right (warm and intimate) for the size of the group and what we were doing."

"Gillian provides excellent and straightforward explanations."

"I count my blessings now and realise how lucky I am."

"I have calmed down significantly and take one day and one thing at a time instead of running around like a headless chicken - although that can still happen, but I can recognise it."

"I can control some pain and anxiety by meditation - simply counting when I am in the dentist's chair sometimes over an hour at a time. The dentist has been intrigued by how I can keep so calm and still during difficult surgery."

"Best of all, I have learnt how to breathe into pain and release it."

"I try to be kind to people, smile more and make conversation with strangers, Meditation is now part of our family life, and I thank you so much for that Gillian."

"I attended your meditation session a couple of days prior to undergoing significant surgery at a London hospital and can't thank you enough for the session. It really helped me with pre-surgery anxiety and post-op pain."

"I loved the whole nature of the course (Intro to Meditation), being able to transition myself into a meditative state ... something I have never done before! I think mindfulness is an extremely important skill within meditation for everyone to learn."

"Lovely, calm atmosphere, tranquil and soothing. Loved feeling so relaxed."

"A good explanation of the 'whys'. Good time lengths for individual meditations."

"Calmness - so luxurious to take a quiet hour for yourself."

"Quiet and calming"

"Local, small class"

"A time to unwind"

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