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Stress - A new perspective

Stress takes it toll on everyone, has many different causes, and has a habit of affecting people in very different ways.

What we do know is that stress, ignored, or undiagnosed, leaves us open to further stress-related medical conditions and affects our work, personal and family lives.

Now we're in a different world, where a global pandemic has caused many more additional issues. So how do we recognise stress, and what can we do about it?

stress less workshops and help from mindful medicine

How do I recognise stress?

More obvious symptoms can include;

  • anxiety

  • difficulty in managing anger

  • low mood or depression

  • difficulty sleeping

  • eating problems such as indigestion

  • IBS

Other less obvious symptoms can include;


  • pain or stiffness in the body

  • skin problems

  • eye problems

  • social isolation or less communication

  • low energy

  • recurring health complaints

  • predisposition to seasonal health complaints

  • constipation

What can I do?


Learning to manage your own stress is possible. Why not try my 'Stress Less' or 'Mindfulness 101' workshops, or if you prefer, 121 coaching on how to recognise stress patterns and triggers?

All classes and workshops offer practical mindfulness and meditation exercises to help reduce the impact of stress on health and wellbeing. I always ensure my clients and students have the option of 'take home' practical tools and techniques to help manage and reduce all forms of stress, feel happier, more in control and to develop resilience for the future.

Individual, group or team requirements can be designed around specific needs. I work with individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, membership organisations/charities, community groups, and many more.

If you think this is for you, why not drop me a line to discuss your needs and I'll tailor a stress management plan that's just right for you, your group or your team.


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