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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Your Health, Own it Restore It

Connecting from Within

Work-related stress was already affecting 35% of employees pre-pandemic and now some of the most affected industries are the ones we count on most to get us through the pandemic and beyond. According to McKinsey, 42% of global employees have experienced a decline in mental health since the onset of the pandemic, and though it has been two years since the first lockdown, organisations are looking to recover from the profound effect it has had on individuals, workplaces and the wider community. The cycle of stress, anxiety, disengagement and exhaustion can snowball into the greatest cause of absence.


Burnout is responsible for 20-50% of employee churn.

Mental health alone is responsible for 40 million lost days in the UK last year.

Presenteeism matters! One third of employees admit to working while unwell affecting productivity and business performance detrimentally. 



In person and online support for wellness days and weeks throughout your calendar.  Many more bespoke programmes are in development to match requirements and exceed expectations.

An 8 week Wellness programme dedicated to Change, Disruption and Uncertainty 

A 6-week introductory course in Wellbeing featuring plenty of take home mindfulness exercises to naturally drop in to every day life

HR referral programmes for 121 customised sessions to support individuals

– and small groups on request

A regular session featuring common issues, including stress, low energy, sleep problems, pain and tension, motivation, focus, social isolation, social anxiety ...

Pre-recorded and bespoke programme for use on your organisation’s Intranet to reach and benefit as many of the workforce as possible

In person and online support for wellness days and weeks throughout your calendar:

Mindfulness 101; The Benefits of Meditation; Stress Less; Retreat to Sleep; Moving Meditation; Connecting to the Breath; Momentum (Regaining Focus and Motivation), Change & Resilience


My Story

Following years of working in clinic with clients, and volunteering as a regular meditation teacher for mental wellbeing and self-esteem courses, I launched my Rest Relax Recharge mindfulness meditation courses in 2016. I then applied and studied for accreditation from the British School of Meditation which was granted in 2018.


I now work with organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors, including Parkinson's UK, Gestra UK, Prior's Court and David Lloyd Leisure to deliver mindfulness meditation classes, wellbeing programmes, Wellness Days and I also contribute to Mental Health Awareness Week. Throughout the year I host classes, workshops, tasters and retreats; I'm invited regularly as a webinar guest speaker; and I also work with individuals on a 121 basis to target specific health and wellbeing issues.

My overarching objective is to encourage individuals to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation for themselves and have plenty of take home tools and favoured techniques to suit their own needs.

A specialist practitioner in pain, stress and sleep, I treat many different complaints and illnesses in clinic through Australian modality AcuEnergetics® and British School of Meditation accredited mindfulness meditation.

Meet Me


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