I love community ...

Summer 2021 Newsletter from Mindful Medicine:

-> Take time to soak up the sun at every opportunity!

When building my business it has been so wonderful to build a community alongside it, and often our businesses cross and can be of benefit to each others' clients, so I've put together a list of businesses I love, and offerings that are not only complementary to mine, but well worth a look.

Free Little Minds

Superb meditations for children, spoken and guided by children, free app to download.


Be Berkshire

Courses to help you be you! For children, teens, families and adults  www.beberkshire.co.uk

Parkinson's Concierge

The complete Parkinson's People package, making a difference to the lives of people with Parkinson’s and building awareness worldwide www.parkinsonsconcierge.com

Parkinson's UK

UK charity to change attitudes, support one another and find a cure for Parkinson's Disease 


ReMe Life

A world of support and entertainment for many health conditions - health care news, breaking stories and special product and service offers  



Charity working to ensure mental health support and respect for all 


Amelia Rose

All the best girls gifts ever



Cancer Support Charity