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More about me ...

As a child of a calm and quiet disposition, I was fascinated by people and the world around me. I spent many a lesson watching the beautiful clouds move across the sky, yet I was fortunate to fly through school neither missing anything nor suffering from exam anxiety. I was first introduced to formal meditation practice during Yoga classes when I was 12 years old. I loved it! I remember thinking - although I may not have understood it fully- there’s something more involved in the qualities of stillness and silence – and it’s not so bad to stand back and observe after all. 

Graduating with a degree in International Business with languages, I then secured graduate entry to BT. I continued to work for many years in Europe and Australia in various global corporations and consultancies in communications and change. People, culture change and coaching were my passion.

Early in my career I suffered chronic pain, and upper body stiffness and immobility which was diagnosed later as various repetitive strain injuries. Quite a few £££'s, years, clinics and countries later (!), I discovered AcuEnergetics® while living and working in Australia. A few simple treatments led to a massive improvement in health and fitness which then drove me on to study to become a practitioner myself. This enabled me to pursue my innate desire to work with people more specifically in support of their health and wellbeing.

I qualified in Holland, as a fully accredited Practitioner from the School of AcuEnergetics® in 2014 having been a student practitioner for eight years. A treatment method originally developed in Australia, it is now taught in Australia, Asia, Europe and US.

Then, following years of client requests and as a regular guest meditation teacher in a local self-esteem course, I decided to develop and launch my Rest Relax Recharge mindfulness meditation courses in 2016. I then applied for accreditation from the British School of Meditation which was granted in 2018.

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