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3 Good Reasons to try Group Meditation

For many years I wondered why meditation was so much more powerful in a group setting. Surely no better way to clear the head or find peace and quiet was to take some time out, alone. Well, it's an option. Another really powerful option is to join a meditation class or group. In meditation lingo, the ultimate stillness and awareness of mind (which leads to a much more relaxed body btw) can be achieved more quickly and more effectively by joining a group meditation class. Here are 3 good reasons to join a regular meditation class ... in person ... face to face:

1. It motivates you! Attending a class regularly not only develops your awareness and deepens your practice, it motivates you and gives you ideas on how to develop a daily practice the rest of the time. 

2. It's catching! I knew that the group meditation vibe was catching and now I know why! Scientists have proven through EEG scans that we literally meet each other on the same wavelength in a group! Brainwaves synchronise while meditating. Although this can happen at a distance, I bet it’s much easier and more effective in the same room!

3. Before you know it, you're hooked (in a good way)! What better way to develop a good habit than to join a group! Why make a chore out of meditation, joining a group will give you professional instruction to vary types and techniques of meditation and help address any difficulties you experience with your practice. If that’s not enough, a class will connect you with like-minded people for even more ideas, motivation - and some laughs!


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