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A Balancing Act

Too little or too much going on right now?

If you're struggling with too much or too little on your plate right now, you're not alone. Both extremes and every version between is creating stress, tension and sleep problems. Whatever your circumstance and whether you like it or not, routine is key to getting some balance back and keeping a healthy level of equilibrium. Whether you're being pulled from pillar to post or possibly worse, struggling to find motivation to achieve anything, I urge you to dip into a little mindfulness meditation and see what it brings.

Following every holiday period, I have clients rushing back through the door of my meditation classes, relieved to be back for guidance and support. So, what can we do right now? I know it's not the same, but now more than ever, joining in, committing to an online class or two, developing a routine will help your health and wellbeing. You might even end up creating your very own mini meditation retreat from home!

What can we do right now?

Commit to two minutes a day

All you have to do is find a minimum of two, 10, 15, 20 or more minutes per day to COMMIT TO A DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICE. Yes TWO, I said. Build it up if you want to, but don’t put pressure on yourself. The important bit is that you allocate an uninterrupted period of time and YOU DO IT. How about that. I’m happy for you to consciously allocate a minimum of two minutes per day to check in with your breathing, thoughts or feelings; take some mindful moments or pauses in your day (while you wash up, wait for the kettle to boil, eat, shower, put your socks on or walk, etc.); or through the five senses - notice what you can see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

Work out what works for you

Work out what’s going to work for you – what time of day, you might use triggers to remind you, e.g. before your favourite TV program, on waking, after lunch, etc. You might even set an alarm to decide how, what and where on a daily basis. You might simply decide to introduce some mindful moments to your day, as above.

Be prepared by using a timer, turning phones to do not disturb, ignoring the doorbell. You can use an app, music, CD or nothing. It doesn’t really matter where or when, just DO IT.

Be comfortable

You find your space, somewhere comfortable just for you – or at least where you can quieten your mind for your chosen allocated period of time. You can meditate or practise mindful moments while standing, sitting, lying down or moving (not driving or operating heavy machinery please).

For longer meditations, find a special chair, corner, room, garden, park; beach or hill top; or visualise your favourite place. Sit in any position you find comfort, where you will not be distracted by pain or DIScomfort. If you’re sure you won’t fall asleep, you can even lie down! If you’d rather be on the move, why not try walking, (dancing, exercising, etc.) mindfully, watching the breath in and then out; or noticing every part of your surroundings through your five senses.

Meditation helps quieten our minds, which in turn relaxes our bodies and balances out our feelings and emotions. All we’re doing is learning to spend less time debating over the past and anticipating the future. This leaves us more time to be present, to develop awareness of ourselves, and our interactions with others.

If you have questions or need further guidance, please check out my FREE Midday Meditations every Thursday, all welcome; Sunday Restorative Meditation first Sunday of every month; Introduction to Meditation; Mindfulness 101; and Stress Less workshops. More info


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