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Suffering from Online Exhaustion or Overwhelm?

Well, literally overnight our entire worlds have gone online. I've had to loosen previously strict parental controls and deal with an increasing device and screen-driven world. To ensure we're up to speed and current with care-giving, schooling, socialising, and all news (Covid-19 heavy), it's an inevitability! The only thing I can't do online any more is the thing I appreciate most - online shopping - arghhhh! I've also had to loosen my hold! on chewing gum (meant to set of an immune response in the mouth - we need all the help we can get!), later bedtimes and a rapidly developing habit of eating as much Easter chocolate as possible, in case it runs out before the big day.

Some of us will already be suffering from online exhaustion (or general overwhelm) and others may not realise they are unfortunately excluded from this online world (...and from all the resources, services, content and kind offers of help) ... How do we reach out to those people who need support the most and who may not be online? I think the Government is still working on a centralised system for the most vulnerable, while online support groups and neighbourhoods up and down the land are taking care of those (we hope we are..) destined for that list or who may fall off the list, if not deemed as vulnerable.

UPDATE: Nextdoor has 'just' launched a couple of new products to help keep families, friends and neighbours safe and connected. You can offer help or register someone who may be vulnerable!

We all crave relationship, warmth, eye contact, body language, change, escape, a meal out, a party, a proper chinwag, a playdate, a date!, a break, a day out. So, online cannot cut it forever. Yet, we all might be starting to wonder that when we do surface from this unreal isolation, we might just have gained mutual understanding, co-operation and connection in our households, families, friendship groups, neighbourhoods, communities, nations, continents and throughout the world. This reminds me of a beautiful Buddhist meditation called Loving Kindness or METTA and one which I'll be covering in my FREE online meditations available twice weekly - more details later.

...Whether you're self-isolating, newly appointed to Head of Homeschool, working your butt off on the frontline or from home, lost and confused with very little or no work, trying to adhere to Government/NHS advice to Stay Home, you may be struggling. Although there are no quick fixes or miracle answers, Meditation usually has a way of helping us adjust, develop new routines, make decisions, ease stress and worry; and might just help us make our way through this emergency ... and ... muddle...

I'd love you to join me on this unprecedented online - shall we call it - adventure? Try it and see if it helps develop some structure and routine that benefits your health and wellbeing. If you're like me, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information that's springing up all over the place. Last week, I took a DEEP BREATH and chose ONE opportunity (daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks and the kids) ... arghhhhh!

If you find online is becoming a tangle or already fancy something new, please find below more details on all that's on offer from Mindful Medicine. Please contact me if you're unsure about anything ... and don't let technology hold you back. We can do this together!! If you know of anyone who does need similar support, but is not online, please note there are CD, radio station and landline options ... (I'll look into this and report back...)

PLEASE READ ON BELOW for my newly adapted ONLINE offerings with plenty for FREE ...

1. Restorative Meditation continues ONLINE via Zoom Audio (no need to leave your home or do your hair)! Next one Sunday 5 April@7.30-8.10pm. 2. A selection of my services are still available ONLINE. 121 coaching in Mindfulness Meditation (to learn to relax and stay relaxed!) or know of any organisations (corporate, community, charitable) that need support managing Stress & Anxiety, please share my details or let me know. 3. If you haven't already and think you might benefit, you're invited to join my FREE private Facebook group, where I've been posting FREE daily mindfulness tips and meditation sessions... 4. FREE Meditation twice a week - Monday night at 8.05pm and Thursday morning at 10.35am also via ZOOM Audio. Sessions last 15-20 min's and keep us ticking over! Email me and I'll include you! 5. If you or someone you know suffers from Parkinson's or cares for/partners someone with Parkinson's Disease, please join our monthly Mindfulness class for FREE which has gone ONLINE via Zoom. Just email me and I'll send you details. Next one Wednesday 1 April@11-12 noon. Hope some of this helps and best wishes for full health and wellness in the coming weeks and beyond ... More info/ bookings or


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